We’re a dynamic team of professionals with 20+ years experience in audio/video production and post-production, specialised in editing and language versioning

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We offer a wide range of audio-video post-production services, managed by a team of professionals with 20+ yrs experience, who can count on state of the art technology & software, in order to guarantee the maximum quality and the most competitive prices to our clients.

With our know-how and skills, we also provide DVD authoring services, off-air translations, transcoding, production.

X-Trim Solutions

Founded in 2005, by 2 professionals with 20+ years experience in the business, X-Trim Solutions is a young post-production company, specialised in language versioning and audio-video editing.

We are a dynamic group of professionals
Thanks to targeted skills, equipment and latest generation software, we take care of the transformation process of the a/v product at 360°, guaranteeing the exaltation of the quality of the final output .

We are all-digital. We produce all-platforms. We deliver day & date.

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X-Trim is always looking for innovative formats: original products designed according to the target they are intended for.
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